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Please help me review this inspection report on a 2006 SLK 55

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I used Lemon Squad because there were no shops near by that didn't have a 2 week wait period...But to my untrained eyes, they seem to have done a thorough job.
Carfax here
Report below
Pictures that the mechanic took are here 2006 SLK 55 - Google Drive

Dealership is asking $22,000, should I go ask them to fix some of the items and/or lower price?


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It's a 16 year old used car with nearly 80k miles.

If you want a perfect example you're not going to find it for $22k.

Valve covers noted are an issue, as are rear main seals on any M113 car. Former much cheaper to repair obviously. The miss or perceived miss may be due to failing motor/trans mounts...does it have any kind of service history to delineate whether or not the plugs/coils have been changed? Coils rarely fail on these. The remotes can have the shells replaced cheaply, and I'd much rather the floormat take the abuse than the carpet. Love the Mars Red, 2-tone interior, and the fact that they have a TON of pictures. Very thorough.

$22k is a decent price as these cars continue to appreciate, but if you aren't comfortable with the items listed of concern, try negotiating. It can't hurt.
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I asked the dealership to reduce the price by $500 and it's a deal!
Congratulations...that's fantastic!
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