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Please help me review this inspection report on a 2006 SLK 55

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I used Lemon Squad because there were no shops near by that didn't have a 2 week wait period...But to my untrained eyes, they seem to have done a thorough job.
Carfax here
Report below
Pictures that the mechanic took are here 2006 SLK 55 - Google Drive

Dealership is asking $22,000, should I go ask them to fix some of the items and/or lower price?


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Do you like the car????
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Cost of moving car to you????
Is a big factor.
Is there a member close to there that can look at it also???
Would know more
It'll be about $2k to ship the car from CA to HI.
Don's white SLK is out of my budget range.
I think I'll contact @Racerstev and see how we might proceed...perhaps find an escrow company?
I don't know how much Don is asking but you will know the ride you are getting.
Have yu contacted him??
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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