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Hello friends.

Im in a huge dilemma..
I have this chance to buy a set of wheels with tires but I am both excited and afraid at the same time.

I am excited that these are pretty good looking and maybe rare wheels but also afraid that I may run into issues like rubbing and clearances if I proceed.

I have a 2014 SLK350 with AMG performance pack which has the AMG 18 inch right now.

These are the wheels Im pretty excited about..

Brabus Monoblock 6
Original made in Germany

Wheel specs
Front width 9.5 et45
Back width 10 et35

Front 245/45/zr19
Back 275/30/zr19


Should I proceed? Worst thing Im expecting is the tires are too wide and I maybe have to change them.

Thank you.

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On a R171 it would not fit, but you have a R172....

OTOH, Schmidt-Felgen in Germany claims that they can even fit 20" rims beeing 10,5" wide and 275x25x20 on the back - but(!) front only 9" with 235x30x20. If the R172 have similar room for the tires as the R171 - tires wider than 235 and/or rims wider than 9" will cause problems with rubbing - either on struts or wing.


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