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Police arrested 27-year-old Elizabeth Noel Morrison after an incident outside the Bloomfield post office, in Pittsburgh, WPXI reports. It all started as Morrison was coming out of the postal office and she ended up hitting the 31-year-old victim with the door, as he was exiting. He had his arms full of packages, which were sent flying to the ground.

The man, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed to the media, called her rude for what she’d done. As one does in this type of situation. Morrison fought back and cursed at the man, and then continued on her way out, to her parked car.

The man went inside and dropped off his packages, and then went out as well, to retrieve some more from his own car. That’s when Morrison decided she couldn’t let the “rude” remark go unpunished, even if that meant getting in serious trouble with the law.

“Police said she yelled, cursed and then accelerated her vehicle toward the man,” the report notes. “Police said he was hit on the right side of his body, rolled onto the hood of Morrison’s vehicle and then fell to the ground. Morrison, police said, then reversed the vehicle and drove over all of the man’s packages that he had been carrying when he was hit.”

Morrison fled the scene but returned some time later. She was greeted by the police and taken into custody. The victim wasn’t seriously hurt and was fully conscious, though lying on the ground, when cops arrived.

Morrison was charged with “aggravated assault by vehicle, criminal mischief and vehicle code violations.” So now she’s rude and with a police record.
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