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I still remember the early days in my career when I discovered the work of automotive photographer GFWilliams. At the time, the fellow was using multiple reflectors to create hyper-realistic photos of everything from MINIs to Lamborghinis.

Fast forward to 2015 and Williams is known across the world. Sometimes, the owners of the most exotic vehicles on the planet call for his skills. He was recently called to the Sultanate of Oman by one of his friends and promised a good time.

This friend of his happens to own quite a few luxury rides, including a Ferrari, two Mercedes S-Class saloons, and an SLS Gullwing coupe. However, the G63 6x6 was the only ride manly enough to cope with the extreme conditions of the Oman desert.

You'd think that no man would ever venture into this inhospitable environment, but the 6x6 caravan encountered more than a few camel herders. These pachyderms are prized all over the Middle East and in one of the photos, you can see a couple of them sitting comfortably in the back of a Toyota pick truck.

In a world filled with low, V12-powered supercars capable of extreme sideways action, the G63 AMG 6x6 is the truck that rewrites the definition of exotic cars. This huge vehicle comes standard with an air pump for the tires, auxiliary fuel tank, five differentials, and six tires that look like they came off a tank. The power comes from a 550 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine matched to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. When new, one of these would set you back about $500,000, but some are now for sale for a full $1,000,000.

Photographer GFWilliams Takes Stunning Shots of G63 AMG 6x6 in the Oman Desert - Photo Gallery - autoevolution
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