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The remote for my car works to lock and unlock the car doors but when I hold the panic button down nothing happens, no lights flashing and no siren blaring.

Originally I thought the battery in the siren was bad so I switched it out with one known to be good and still nothing from the panic button. Then I put the original back in, locked the doors, waited 30 seconds, opened the door and the alarm screamed. So I know the siren is operational.

I checked the PSE and everything looked dry and basically brand new.

Not sure if this is related, but I have seen in the manual and on other SLKs how the lights are supposed to stay on at night after you park for like 20 seconds or something so you can see where you are going but this function also is not working in my car.

2 Posts exact question but no answer...yet? Anyone know? I had a problem with my central locking and it turned out to be the PSE, but the PSE has been replaced - does it have any bearing/effect on external courtesy lights and/or audible door locking/panic alarm?

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