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To all SLK members in the Northeast,

You're all invited to join the drive down to the Poconos, NR4L and myself are heading to Baron 7700s area and later that evening to party with him and his family 1920s style. Time and place to meet in NJ on Saturday to follow soon.

Below is the invite that Baron 7700 posted a week ago.

Party time. 20's style!
Hey guys, All you Northeast people! My family is having another one of our semi annual parties (have one like every 2 or 3 months). The Date is October 7th.

The theme is 1920's, so there will be some gambling tables, drinking, danceing etc, But dont forget to wear a 20's theme outfit! ( cant think of anything? Wear a suit and a fedora). So all you poeple with 1920's Benzes (haha) have to bring them! PM me for directions, im in the Poconos (stroudsburg) just outside the Jersey border off of rt 80. Im 90mins /2 hours from nyc, 2hours north of philly, and 2 hours or less from anywhere in jersey.

All welcome!:butt:
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