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2005 SLK55 AMG
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On my wife's 2005 white SLK55 she kept getting a recurrent P0400 code. Started out going off every month or so and then eventually started going off every few days. Obviously it was time for the fix.

Ordered a new EGR valve, gaskets and EGR pipe and decided it would be a great bonding experience for the wife and I to replace everything. I have come to understand that her small (but amazingly strong) hands are quite the asset in some of the repairs we have done (they fit inside the drivers side door of her Evoque to get access to wiring on the lock mechanisms).

Took about an hour to do by taking out time, laughing, and strategizing. The large compression nut was a bit of a challenge with the dip stick tube mounting bracket. But some penetrating oil and moving on to something while that worked helped there. The other interesting part was getting the tube out of the intake. Having to twist and manipulate it caused quite the amount of playful debate and weird looks. It went back in a lot easier thats for sure. The vacuum line from the solenoid to the intake was on pretty tight but we got it off. Those small and strong hands helped on the little bolts and getting them in those tight places.

So like I said....about an hour in total. The tube was not obstructed (at least not nearly as bad as some pics I have seen online) so I am guessing it was the EGR valve or the vacuum solenoid. The cost was just a bit over $200 US which was a lot less than a dealer would charge.

I highly recommend this quality time with your spouse or significant other!(y)

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