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2003 SLK230 Kompressor 130k miles.

Car started throwing P0106 after I fixed P0410.
Immediately after P0410 fix the car started and died immediately, twice. The when stepping on throttle when starting it ran but rough.
Now 9 days later the cars has been running well at times, but running rough at other times, this evening not even wan ting to start at all.
So far I checked the P0106 reading with OBD fusion app on Ipad.
At idle it showed 11 inHg, and shoot up to about 70 inHg at WOT.
I replaced the MAP sensor F (same as sensor E which verifies vacuum for secondary air injection) with the one in position E as I know it works because P410 is gone.
The different sensor reads 14 inHg at idle and again about 70 inHg at WOT. indicates the MAP sensor should return 1-1.5V at idle and 4.5V at WOT, I don't know how that compares to inHg. I just can't connect a volt meter, wires are sealed to connector and accessibility is poor.
Since I tried 2 sensors with similar read back and results I think the problem may be elsewhere.

Can this be related to fuel flow? Should I check (replace) fuel filter? Injectors?

Thanks, Ad


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