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After hearing tales of the Mustang, its owner, and their exploits for more than a year, we somehow got the impression the guy is never going to sell the car. We were wrong, it seems.

Mecum, one of the main auction houses in the business of selling cars, announced this week the 1968 Ford Mustang would be the star item of its Kissimmee, Florida auction next January. And we have mixed feelings about this.

First, we're sorry to see it sell. That's because Kiernan, aided by Ford, has been busy showing the car around the world in recent months, bringing before our eyes a piece of auto and movie history. When it sells, that will probably no longer be the case.

Then again, we're kind of glad to see it go. The car, as revealed during one of Kiernan's publicity stunts in late 2018, is in a dire state, with large portions of it giving way to rust, and pieces with no paint left. Maybe the new owner will take better care of it, and possibly even restore it.

There's no telling how much the car is worth in its current condition, and Mecum didn't bother to say how much it hopes to fetch for it. The car is said to be worth between $3 and $5 million.

Ford first presented the 1968 Mustang at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. There have been two such cars used in the famous movie: the first, filmed in many of the jumps during the chase scenes, was severely damaged and had to be scrapped.

This car here is the second one, and was purchased by Kiernan's father from Warner Bros. in 1974.
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