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We're happy to announce WindRestrictor® for Polaris Slingshot!


Custom #WINDRESTRICTOR brand illuminated glow plate for the Polaris #SlingShot!

King Penn Industries has been diligently refining the #SlingShot design and is beyond thrilled to launch it into our #patented line of over 25 wind blocking devices for open air vehicles.

Incorporated since 2007, KPI has taken the wind blocking market by storm with our unique combination of custom graphics and elegant illumination features.

Pre Sale - ends Friday or at 50 units, which ever comes first!

Payment Options:
-Pre Sale ONLY:
- PayPal - comment your email address below, or send it to us in a message
- Credit Card - email [email protected] and I will call you to get your information
-$379 (single color, custom)
-$449 (multi color with remote, custom)

Lead time:
4-6 Weeks - orders will be processed in the order they are received

Custom work:
-All custom renderings are completed with our graphic artists on staff and emailed to you for approval prior to etching your order.
-No returns on custom orders.
-Once you place your order, a graphic artist will contact you via email to get started on your custom design.
-Check out our custom galleries here for ideas: Custom WindRestrictors

Please see attached photos if you have mods which mount to your roll bars.

Warranty & FAQs:
-Lifetime warranty
-See our website for FAQs (Lighted engraved convertible wind deflector windscreen blocker breaker)

-FREE installation for these pre-sale orders only at our facility in Dallas.
-All orders will come with DIY printed instructions and a link to a how-to video, or you can take it to a local dealer.
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