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Mercedes is always an auctioneer’s favorite, and this year’s cluster of Monterey auctions is no different. Here are our favorite Mercedes-Benz’ crossing the auction block during Car Week.

300 SL Roadsters and Gullwing Coupes

The vaunted Mercedes-Benz 300 SL has quite the presence in Car Week. Bidders can vie for one of six 300 SL variants up for grabs, in both Gullwing and roadster form. Considered an auction staple, these consistently pull seven figures, regardless of history or options

In terms of special options, racing provenance, or celebrity ownership, none of these six SLs are particularly noteworthy. Regardless, these cars would make fantastic additions to any collection. Our favorites are the candy apple-red 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing coupe sporting period-correct Rudge knock-off wheels and the handsome 1961 300 SL Roadster draped in aptly-named Fantasy Yellow paint.

1971 280 SE Coupe and Convertible

From an outsider’s perspective, you would have a difficult time explaining why these cars are so valuable to collectors and enthusiasts. Visually, they are handsome cars, but their large dimensions and soft character eliminate any pretensions of performance.

The secret to the impressive market value of the Mercedes W108 is the incredible craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, and timeless slab-sided bodylines. W108s are best viewed as the first S-Class Coupe; large two-door variants of the full-sized W108 four-door. Production numbers were low, leading to tall price tags and demand that can never seem to catch up.

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Our Favorite Mercedes-Benz Headed to Auction in Monterey | Automobile Magazine
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