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While other people prep there SLK/C to park for the Winter I just tuned my mower. :laugh::laugh:

Of Course nothing is ever easy in my Life......after sitting for the hot month the Gas smelled like the monkeys are loose in a Meth Lab I forgot 2 put FUEL Stabilizer in the last time. Got that fixed after a trip to the mower store they cleaned the carb. Finally got it running for a Minute or 2 and it died.... no Gas where is my Gas Can??

Oh yes at the neighbors house. I go over there to get it of Course empty... Of to the Station I go to get a Gallon fill it in prime it to get it started it spotters and dies I pull on the Rope again and again to get the mower started.... the Rope breaks.....

Off to the Mower Shop I go again install it....Finally success I thought ....nope a plastic piece on the throttle breaks ....Now I am mad as a German Sailor I stand there kicking that piece of #$%^&*&^%$#$%^ I come into the house to calm down a bit my Betty ask me ....Did you get it started??.....:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:

I sure did I told her I just did not feel like mowing today... So Folks if you want me to prep your SLK for Winter Storage PM me it sure is a whole lotta more fun than tuning a mower in October after a long hot summer.
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