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Hello all! I'm still deeply in love with my shiny zoom, especially after res delete. Solid 3 months together! Have been upgrading her suspension and very happy with the Bilstein B8 struts front and rear, with Eibach shocks. Its a much smoother yet firmer ride and I'm glad I did it.

However, the ride height is well off - see photos. Rear is too low. I have established that spring pads can be adjusted and have bought the following for the rear:

A 210 325 01 84 - 5mm*Spring*Pad
A 210 325 02 84 - 9mm*Spring*Pad Y
A 210 325 03 84 -*13mm Spring Pad Y
A 210 325 04 84 - 17mm*Spring*pad Y

Going to have a look and see which pad is currently fitted (judging by how low she is, its prob the 5mm pair.

Question is - can anyone offer an optimum ride height for an AMG SLK? Appreciate my car set up is a little unique but at least an advised mm difference between front and rear would be a good start. I'm keen to have her higher on the rear than the front. Assume tank 2 thirds full, empty boot.



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