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Formula 1: Kimi Raikkonen's world is a very different place

The private area of Singapore's main airport often caters for celebrities and the wealthy, preparing for security checks - just one more easy step before boarding their private jets.
It is usually light work for the security staff. But not during one particular evening in 2008.
A man places his bags on the conveyor belt. As everyone else expects him to walk through the scanner, he sees his belongings just about to disappear and has a brilliant idea. He jumps onto the moving conveyor belt himself. Panicked and raging security staff are brought to life by the unusual turn of events, expecting to apprehend a maniac.
Instead they turn him over and are faced with Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen, curious that the scanning equipment would give him "an image of the precise details of his body, and his bone structure in particular".
The Singapore staff "suggest leg irons and a tough interrogation instead".
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