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That was the last good looking MB ever built at least IMHO

The design is inspired by the livery of Hamilton’s Mercedes Formula One car.

British F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton recently became the third driver in history to win five world championships after Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio. To celebrate his staggering success, award-winning British artist Paul Karslake has created a one-off Mercedes art car.

The design is inspired by the livery of Hamilton’s Mercedes W09 Formula One car, but the most eye-catching elements are a detailed portrait of the F1 champion and a Union Jack flag adorning the hood of the car, which were meticulously hand painted and airbrushed.

The eye-catching design isn’t the only modification made to the Lewis Hamilton-themed 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Avantgarde. It also wears a Sarto wide body kit, a unique rear spoiler designed specifically for the car, and sits on uprated Bilstein suspension with Cosmis Racing wheels. "The addition of the full body kit and a specially designed rear spoiler before I started added nicely to the look I wanted to achieve, but there are also some serious tweaks hiding beneath the surface," the artist said. "It's a brilliant fun car to drive.
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