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Had to nip to the shops earlier.

Barely a 2 min job but once you fire up a 55 you have to let it run a little>:D

Just using the acceleration and barely having to do that, sticking to limits.
Then a Nissan goes to pull out at just the wrong moment.

Quick blip and it's gone.

Little whiles later I pull from some lights onto a dual carriageway and it's right behind me.

Quick blip to 50 mph (the limit) and pull in front of the 3 cars I just passed.

Then nearly fell out of the car laughing.

The little Nissan Note goes hurtling past at roughly 80 mph!
Driver: A little, silver haired old lady in glasses, glaring over the wheel like Carl Fogarty!
She really meant it.

Sorry JB, I let you down.
I just can't seriously hunt down such a beast.:crying:
My will was broken :crying::crying:

Then caught up with another R171.
THAT was fun.
Two guys playing, not going to lunatic speeds, just... ahem...playing.
Pulled alongside each other at the lights.
Friendly wave and smile by both of us.

And off we went on our separate ways.

What surprised me was how easily I could have gone past.
I allowed the drop three times and still could have gone by.

Certainly confirmed my instincts that 55s are getting close to bike performance.

Off to the naughty step now, before Sarges admonishment for two 'no kills'.

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and the card? for that r171?

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Had some in the car!

Premature light change defeated slow response brain.

Although, I did ponder whether to let lil' 'ol lady have one too!
She'd be like Mary Poppins in a sports car.
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