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anyone around Maryland & Virginia....

if planning to go to Ocean City... i recommand old local roads...

Example: Old Ocean City RD.... or Snow Hill Road...

1st No cops

2nd no lights

3rd no traffic

4th great country road to drive.


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50 is bad

I used to take 50 all the time from Cambridge to O. C. MD., That road is full of police.
The intersection where 113 and 50 meets is also monitored by PD a lot too.
When you drive near the beach, you have to yield to all the pedestrians.
You have to watch your speed there too.
Other than that, The girl's are the best scenery there *O. C., So it's nice to drive slow.
If your going back south, 113 South to 13 South, Never saw PD there ever, Unless there was accident.
The long bridge ( I think it's called Chesapeake Bay) to Norfolk from Cape Charles/ Cheriton is the most beautiful drive on the east coast, Not monitored by PD a lot too, You can see them in the day time really easy.
I went 140 MPH+ there.
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