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What ever I did (including, a completely new PCV system, cleaning the oil sep, IC, intake man., hoses, MAF etc.), I could not stop oil reaching past my IC and to the MAF, which I want to keep bone dry.

Although, the engine shows no signs of wear and the compression in each cylinder is good, I have good amount of oil vapour. I think this is a design flaw with the M111 engine or it's just my heavy right foot. :)

Anyway, I decided to install a catch can between the valve cover breather and the oil sep. So even if the catch can does not filter %100, the original oil sep. will have to deal with very low levels of oil compared to direct connection.

Please check out the place I prefered to bolt the can. Very easy reach to empty it.
Your comments are welcome for a better place.

I've to find a solution for the hoses because the original breather hose ID is 3/4" while the fittings on the can are for 1/2". I plan to use a clear tubing for the outlet to see if any oil leaves the can. I also not decided if I want to keep the small tubing from the SC which is probably for blowing over the oil mist to help it condensate.


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