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Offset difference & spacers?

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I have just fitted a set of double 5 spoke C Class rims to my 03 SLK.
I need to know what size spacers i should fit?
Here are the figures:

SLK 7.5J 225/45/17 ET 37 to C Class 7.5J 225/45/17 ET 47
SLK 8.5J 245/40/17 ET 30 to C Class 8.5J 245/40/17 ET 58

So the rims size & tyres are the same, just the offset has changed.

The fronts are in by 10% according to calculators.
The rears are in by 20%

I have fitted 5mm spacers to the rears because of fouling, but doesn't seem enough, even though they do not foul anymore.
The fronts are no spacers, but the hub centre protrudes more, so centre cap only just fits.

Any suggestions people?
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In theory you need 10mm spacers on the front and 25-28mm ones on the rear to be at the same point as the original wheels..
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Well that theory must be way wrong, as 28mm spacers on back would be clearly unworkable!
Curro is correct. You need bolt on type at that thickness
So i have ordered a pair of 22mm Hubcentric bolt on spacers for the rears & 10mm hubcentric spacers for the front.
Hopefully that will sort it & get rid of the very mild shake @ 70mph even after balance.
bolts rick, bolts

Make sure your wheel bolts will go through and grab enough thread. I have a nasty feeling they won't.
If i am goingg back to stock gap then the OEM bolts will be fine, although the rears inc new bolts anyway.
You're back to stock gap, but the spacers between the wheel and the hub mean you'll need longer bolts, depends slightly on the thickness of the seat of the wheel, but basically whatever you put in spacer thickness, is the length you need to increase the orignal bolts by...
Original bolts could not be used "as is" cos they passed thru too much & fouled the caliper.
If i move the rim out 22mm (6 under stock) then the original bolts will work fine (6mm more turn thread).
As for fronts, they work fine with the 5mm universal spacers, so going back to stock 10mm out means the bolts again should be fine.

I cannot see the logic of your argument?
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