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In a little over a week, my wife and I will embark on a drive from Colorado to Monterey for three days at car week, including showing the SLK at Legends of the Autobahn for the 50th anniversary of AMG. The basic plan looks like this:

Start in Boulder
Salt Lake City
Reno - Harrahs Museum
Alameda CA - stay with friends
Monterey - Car Week!
Fallon NV - via CA88 through Kirkwood and Tahoe
Baker NV - Great Basin NP via US50 ("the loneliest road in America")
Grand Junction CO
Back to Boulder

Will try to post some updates.

Any tips along this route would be appreciated!



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CA88 to Tahoe is a good choice. Last reliable gas is Pine Grove. Watch out for CHP until 10 mi past Pine Grove to Meyers. The drive to Fallon. Fallon is last gas until Austin. Cold Springs is iffy. Watch for NHP until past Naval Airstation then let 'er rip until 5 miles before & after Austin, Eureka & Ely. Baker has Credit card gas pumps. Scenery is amazing, Watch out for animals, Cows, Horses,Deer even Morman Crickets.
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