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looking for a certain car ( as you do ) and notice a certain car for sale from a dealers listed on ebay , the cars ok but being honest hes asked way to much money for it and the wheels arnt to my taste ( i have some ) , the car ?

so anyway im looking around as i do every few days and whats this ..... an advert on autotrader for the same car except its being advertised for £5500 , thats a drop and one of the cheapest ive ever seen for the 3.2 amg , got to sniff around that , who doesnt love a bargain

an emails sent and duly arrives , the cars available , the owners selling it quickly hence the price etc etc

but it doesnt add up , the email address listed doesnt seem right for a company selling a car , why not have the same email address ? something doesnt smell right , so the hunts on and viola the cars profile is being used to advertise for something but what is that something ? i know ill send an email ,,,, and this was the returned

Its still for sale. Immaculate condition, no damages, nothing to worry about. All necessary documents available. My current location is Scotland due to my work commitments, If this is going to be a quick sale, I will let it go for £5,400 delivered at my costs. Are you familiar to eBay? I will list the slk on eBay Motors for the £5,400 buy it now price and I will send you a link to my auction, so you can buy it immediate.
As soon as you will confirm the payment to eBay, I will proceed delivery without any additional costs for you.
In case you are not familiar with them, please read their Buyer Protection and will see that they cover 100% the transaction done through them up to £50,000. You will receive the slk with all the documents. As you know eBay is the best company of online transactions. If indeed interested in it and have the funds, I will list it on eBay, as I have a 100% positive feedback with them.
Please let me know your decision.
Thank you

a quick google of that email address

[email protected]

and aha , its a scam , simply put the person selling it is a con artist , pay up front and we will post you the car ummmmmmmmmmmmmm , having a look around some people have been taken in by this

so i contacted both the seller to drag it out as long as poss , i contacted the ebay seller who ignored me completely ( thanks for nothing ) and autotrader who sent me a few emails along the line of dont be a victim etc ( doh !) and thanks for informing us

so if your on the hunt for that perfect car be careful out there


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I ran across the same scenario a couple months ago. The car was an Alfa Romeo spider on EBay. When researching others for a price reference, I found an online listing with the same exact pictures but a ridiculously low price. I did not bother to contact the scam listing but did notify the owner of the EBay listing. He was able to get the scam one deleted. This stealing of online photos (and often accompanying text) for bogus listings is becoming extremely common. I believe it helps a lot when EBay sellers watermark their photos.


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It's a minefield out there !
Nearly didn't buy my car as I thought it was a scammer - but everything turned out OK
Trying to sell a Harley and had loads of interest from
a) people temporarily out of the Country
b) people wanting to send you Post Office mandates
c) people buying it for someone else
d) people wanting to pay the full amount without even seeing the bike

it's difficult to sift the genuine from the cheats

rule of thumb ? - if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is !
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