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ODBC Codes P-356 and P-0128

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Hi All,
Just thought I would mention this as someone else may get similar, I had for a couple of weeks the codes P0356 and P0128 popping up I decided to tackle one at a time. I started with P0356 [cylinder 6 misfire] so I swapped the coil with cylinder 4, low and behold the code changed to P0354 [cylinder 4 misfire]. I have ordered and replaced the coil and for the last week no codes not even the P0128, I don't know why a misfire would cause this code to come up as it is regarding engine coolant. Hopefully if someone else gets the same issue with there car they will see this and address the coil first rather than tackle the thermostat issue.
Thanks for reading.
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i had that error code mine was a sticking thermostat
have a look at your temperature gauge mine was not getting above 75c for the first 20mins
changed the stat back to around 90c
hope this helps
Thanks for that Steve but temp sits between 80 and 90 so I don't think there is a fault with the cooling.
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