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The W123 always was too light in the rear so it does not surprise me but still it hurts seen this classic get banged up.:frown:

We've shown you Nurburgring laps involving contraptions that were way out of their comfort zone on the Green Hell on tons of occasions, but the adventure we're bringing you today shows what happens when such an oddball lap leads to a ka-bang moment.

It all has to do with a W123 Mercedes-Benz and the piece of footage at the bottom of the page shows the oldtimer trying to go for a jog on a wet Nurburgring. And when a built-for-comfort sedan that comes from the mid 70s-mid 80s era receives such a task, the driver needs to be extra sharp.

Alas, this doesn't seem to be the case here. This looks like a run-of-the-mill gas model, which means we're dealing with a car that rolled out of the factory gates with around 100 hp.

The wet track saw the Benz losing the rear end and while it appears the car was occupied by a pair of elderly gentlemen, the reflexes of the one behind the wheel seems to be as Nordschleife-ready as the vehicle itself.

The slow countersteering and the overcorrection that followed meant the W123 went spinning the other way, eventually hitting the barrier on the side of the track. The driver was once again late to the party, failing to brake in time and allowing the car to scrape against the barrier for one or two extra seconds.

Oh well, at least the modest entry speed probably means the damage didn't go beyond the surface, but this Merc will probably need serious bodywork attention on the passenger's side.

You shouldn't let such a crash tricking you into believing a W123 couldn't provide some sideways fun on the Ring - once again, it's all up to the element linking the steering wheel and the pedals.

P.S.: Fun fact - power steering only became standard across the W123 lineup during the final three years of the car's lifetime.

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