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Greetings from North Borneo, Malaysia to all SLK World Members!!!

Hi, I am TCL, a new member in SLK World. Glad I have found this site from the web, gained so much information and learned a lot from the admins and members from their post sharing regarding this Sportlich, Leicht und Kurz Roadster. Hence, it is only fair to "squeeze" something out from my side and ...... what better time & place than now & here "NOVEMBER ROTM".

- The Rebirth Story -
8.5 years of web research, endless time scrolling the used car sites and finally it took me just 2 days of SLK hunting tour in Kuala Lumpur before it was a DONE DEAL. My "Fiery Beau" SLK 200 year 2012 was purchased from a 2nd hand car dealer in 09 Sept 2022, 7-speed auto transmission and the original state of the roadster was pretty much stock, nothing fancy from the previous owner. AMG logo was spotted on the rims and an emblem behind the rear trunk. A fast VIN check stated that the body colour as IRIDIUM SILVER METALLIC FINISH, interior seat as LEATHER BLACK / ANTHRACITE and the current mileage clocked as of today is 46,082km.

- The TLC Touch -
After my "Fiery Beau" was shipped to my hometown, it was about time to give her some TLC (Tender, Loving, Care). A few upgrades / modifications were done:-
🔧 Front Grill Panamericana GT Chrome
🔧 AirBlade GT Mini Wind Deflector
🔧G-Techniq Ceremic Coating (interior and exterior) - 2 years warranty
🔧RhinePro PPF R3 - Self-Healing, Gloss, Clear, 4 years warranty
🔧RhinePro Black Beauty Series - 50% VLT all windows, 10 years warranty
🔧DODO car mat - Black base and Red Lining

- The Journey & Joy -
Even though "Fiery Beau" is only 56 days old under my care, she has never stop putting smiles on my face whenever I am behind the wheel. The Sports mode and the steering wheel paddle shift never let me down whenever I wanted to unleash the inner F1 driver in me. But the most spectacular moment will be the "transformer" like Vario roof down, you can practically see people standing still with glowing eyes with some form of enviness (in a good way) during the whole process. Cant blame them, I was like that before :LOL:. Traveled roof down to a few local tourist spots in my state, from the magnificent hilly Crocker Range to the flaming sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach. I am pretty sure there will be more fun rides awaiting in the near future.

- Presenting "Fiery Beau" -

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Cloud Sky

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Car

Finally, I hope all viewers enjoyed the short description and the 3 pictures of my SLK200. Special THANKS to those who LIKE this post. :)

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