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Welcome to the November 2022 Ride of the Month Competition!

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Please follow all instructions posted below

  1. You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
  2. List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
  3. The vehicle must be yours. Vehicles waiting to be purchased may not be included
  4. Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your vehicle, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your vehicle*
  5. Votes for the month’s winner will be tallied by the number of “Likes” your post has on the last day of the month. The winner at the end of the month will win a free 1 Year Premium Membership for the forum and a custom flair under their username. If the winner is already a premium member, their subscription will be extended an additional year.
  6. Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.
  7. If you have won in a previous month, you can no longer enter for the rest of the year. However, if you have a second car that meets the above criteria, you can enter that.

* These are optional but encouraged

Winners will be featured on the sites gallery, found here. Gallery

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Greetings from North Borneo, Malaysia to all SLK World Members!!!

Hi, I am TCL, a new member in SLK World. Glad I have found this site from the web, gained so much information and learned a lot from the admins and members from their post sharing regarding this Sportlich, Leicht und Kurz Roadster. Hence, it is only fair to "squeeze" something out from my side and ...... what better time & place than now & here "NOVEMBER ROTM".

- The Rebirth Story -
8.5 years of web research, endless time scrolling the used car sites and finally it took me just 2 days of SLK hunting tour in Kuala Lumpur before it was a DONE DEAL. My "Fiery Beau" SLK 200 year 2012 was purchased from a 2nd hand car dealer in 09 Sept 2022, 7-speed auto transmission and the original state of the roadster was pretty much stock, nothing fancy from the previous owner. AMG logo was spotted on the rims and an emblem behind the rear trunk. A fast VIN check stated that the body colour as IRIDIUM SILVER METALLIC FINISH, interior seat as LEATHER BLACK / ANTHRACITE and the current mileage clocked as of today is 46,082km.

- The TLC Touch -
After my "Fiery Beau" was shipped to my hometown, it was about time to give her some TLC (Tender, Loving, Care). A few upgrades / modifications were done:-
🔧 Front Grill Panamericana GT Chrome
🔧 AirBlade GT Mini Wind Deflector
🔧G-Techniq Ceremic Coating (interior and exterior) - 2 years warranty
🔧RhinePro PPF R3 - Self-Healing, Gloss, Clear, 4 years warranty
🔧RhinePro Black Beauty Series - 50% VLT all windows, 10 years warranty
🔧DODO car mat - Black base and Red Lining

- The Journey & Joy -
Even though "Fiery Beau" is only 56 days old under my care, she has never stop putting smiles on my face whenever I am behind the wheel. The Sports mode and the steering wheel paddle shift never let me down whenever I wanted to unleash the inner F1 driver in me. But the most spectacular moment will be the "transformer" like Vario roof down, you can practically see people standing still with glowing eyes with some form of enviness (in a good way) during the whole process. Cant blame them, I was like that before :LOL:. Traveled roof down to a few local tourist spots in my state, from the magnificent hilly Crocker Range to the flaming sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach. I am pretty sure there will be more fun rides awaiting in the near future.

- Presenting "Fiery Beau" -

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Cloud Sky

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Car

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Car

Finally, I hope all viewers enjoyed the short description and the 3 pictures of my SLK200. Special THANKS to those who LIKE this post. :)


2007 SLK55 AMG
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Gutten tag, from Ohio!!
Just purchased a bone stock 2007 SLK55 AMG in Phoenix, AZ. We were debating how to get it home to Ohio and figured let’s just make a journey out of it and fly out and drive it back, so that’s what we did. I carefully planned our route to hit interesting sites along the way including Sedona, Slide Rock, Winslow, the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, Palo Duro Canyon, Santa Fe, Bandolier National Monument, Valles Calderes, Oklahoma City, Branson, Dogwood Canyon, and St Louis. The SLK turned out to be the perfect car for the trip.

The car is roomy enough and the seats are supportive and comfortable enough for extended drives when we needed to cover some distance. This thing blasts down the highway! When we were on a scenic mountainous route, we popped the top and carved up and down the twisty roads. The car is small enough to park anywhere and it turns on a dime, so if we passed something we liked, we could easily turn around. My only complaints would be the stereo, which only seemed to pick up Mexican radio and some creaking when driving slow… This car seems to be happiest driving hard!

I got this as just a fun toy and was expecting to tinker with it, but I fell in love with it the way it is, so will probably only replace the stereo and continue to drive it. We put over 2,300 miles on it the first week of ownership!

We took pictures everywhere we went, so I have tons, but here are 3 I really like… Enjoy!!!

PS - the last pic was right before the huge storm last week that brought high winds, torrential rain, and tornadoes. We drove through the Ozarks during that storm and the SLK handled it well…except I didn’t realize how to turn on the fog lights until reading a post on this forum tonight, which is why I joined!!

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Tire Wheel Cloud Land vehicle Car

2001 SLK230
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I purchased this one 2 years ago with 68k miles i do most of my own work on it worst fault after two months the auto-box failed luckily it was just the conductor plate a bit fiddly as i had to drop the sump and two of the bolts had seized very messy job but well worth the effort cost me £120 parts and autogear oil included. God knows what Mercedes would have charged ! I love these cars they are fun to drive have a stylish shape and are very economical to run if you do your own maintenance .I have just re insured it with an agreed value as a classic car and have had to take photos to prove its condition well worth it if you dont want to get court out with a market valuation if the worst happens. Any way hope to have a bit more fun next summer if covid subsides and
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate Grille Hood
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle
we are solvent and can all relax a bit cheers chrisfx
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