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November 8th - Food 'n Fun Rally Event [Ft. Worth MBCA]

Food ‘n’ Fun West - Mary's Cafe, Strawn, TX, Saturday, November 8, 9:15am
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Texans drive miles for a Chicken Fried Steak at Mary's Cafe. So, why not us? This much-heralded and oft-reviewed country eatery is located in the small town of Strawn, west of Fort Worth. Not in the mood for a Chicken-Fried? No problem - the (very) extensive menu also has Mexican food, burgers and plenty of other stuff which will suit anyone's taste buds. We will order from the menu and pay via separate checks.

We have planned a great drive on country roads. As this is a Food ‘n’ Fun event, we will play an interesting and unique adaptation of the Scrabble word game to spice up the event. The top 3 winners will get great prizes. After, we will cap the event with dessert and drinks graciously hosted once again by Todd Oneth at his home in Stephenville, which is on the way back to Fort Worth.

Signup and Fees:
We will charge an entry fee of $5 for each MBCA member and their immediate family members who wish to participate in the Word Rally. Non-members who wish to play will be charged $10. You need not pay the fee if your are not participating in the rally but wish to enjoy the trip and the dinner. Please register and send your entry fee as soon as possible so we can provide a good headcount to the restaurant. Make your check out to MBCA and send to DJ de Jesus, 4159 Charron Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76116. To book your spot, click here to email DJ de Jesus or call him at (817) 319-3033.

Meeting Place and Time:
At 9:15am (come earlier if you wish to have breakfast), we will meet for a briefing at the Cracker Barrel at 8010 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth (I-20 and Winscott Road, west of Fort Worth), (817) 249-3360 ‎(see map below). After, we will proceed to Strawn via caravan.

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