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Got this from another MB forum, I would love to see all my fellow SLK drivers there.


"next event is scheduled for Nov 14, 2007 on the big track at Willow Springs.

The price for the event will be $145, if you sign up in the last 2 weeks before the event the price will be $170, and if you sign up the day of the event the price will be $195.

I know sometimes it’s hard to commit so early, but please try. This event will be run in the same fashion as all previous events.

They will have three run groups, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each run group will get (5) 30 minute run sessions totaling 2 1/2 hours of track time.

For all newbies or people who want to attend, They will have classroom instruction followed by on-track instruction. As always, all paid participants will get an all you can eat BBQ lunch and an OPEN TRACK RACING shirt.

Please remember that all OTR events are open to all that want to attend, so please tell a friend!

Please help out by registering early! You can get all the information at .

please post here if your interested.

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Sounds like fun, you guys are lucky an can track all year round, I sign up for the last day of track on Nov. 11th, hope it doesn't snow then, it snowed a little bit this morning. Try to take some pics if you can, would love to see it.
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