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I attended our local club 3rd Saturday breakfast. As always a good turn-out. I would guess about 30 members in attendance.

The program was by Uplift Organization Inc, a local charity group. Their mission is:

We who acknowledge God’s providence and fidelity to his people, especially those in poverty, do dedicate our efforts toward the support of those who are homeless. Our goal is to deliver those basic human needs, care and compassion that are not usually received from other organizations.
The KC MB club has supported this organization over the years with donations of items and money. The presenter discussed ongoing efforts to open a 24-hour shelter which has been blocked by both the cities of Olathe and Lenexa. It was interesting to hear about the challenges of helping the homeless.

Top down driving to and from (38ºF - 3ºC during the to part, up in the 50ºs (10º+Cs) on the drive home.


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