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I decided to repost this here as I will try to get some activity on the Canada forum. (Sulley, if I've committed a deadly sin by double posting please crucify me )

Well, the trip was incredible. For a two day trip we sure packed a lot of stops, fun and excitement in. For the trip out to Jasper we had a total of 4 cars (2 Fieros, 2 SLKs). The attendance was much lower than anticipated, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We had another Fiero meet up with us in Edson and then a 4th Fiero met us in Jasper as they were coming from BC.

The weather couldn't have been better. On the Saturday there was a light wisp of cloud/smoke everywhere so the sun didn't bake us while driving with the top down. The outside temperature was about 26C. We were able to drive the whole trip (About 6 hours from Edmonton to Jasper including all the stops) with the top down. :D

We stopped off just before Edson at a rest area and got some pictures of the cars there. There was lots of opportunity along the way to let the horses stretch their legs and, as usual, a few other motorists wanting to play (which we obliged.... to an extent).

Stopped in Edson for a quick bite to eat and little bit of a search for premium fuel as there is a bit of a shortage in Alberta at the moment. Then off to Miette hot springs. The hot springs were nice to visit but everyone agrees the road there and back was the highlight. I've taken lots of pictures posted on my flickr link.

We also have about 7 minutes of video going up the road. I've got to find a place to post it (other than you tube) and then we can share. the highlight of the event I think was Ron (one of the Fiero owners) driving a little TOO spirited around the last bend. When he came around the corner and parked his car with us all his brakes were smoking. His front rotors were blued. :)

Bottom line..... Anyone who is going out to Jasper should take the time to drive up to Miette Hot springs. The road is worth the drive :)

After Miette we were off to Jasper. Stayed at the Sawridge. We ate, we drank, we were merry. Got a chance to socialize with everyone and talk about what we love.... cars :)... well, we talked about lots of stuff, but at least we didn't talk about work :D.

The next day the group split. 3 cars headed back east to Edmonton (they all wanted to go to Miette hot springs again)

Harry (the other SLK driver), myself and Marc (Fiero) went south down 93. We stopped off at the Athabasca falls (beautiful! :D) and then at the glacier. The weather was great except for about 10 minutes just south of the glacier it rained a little, but not enough to dampen our spirits.

Traffic was pretty decent only a few places where traffic was conjested. However, that's where our cars excel :)... or is that accel? :D. We moved pretty quick through the conjestion and back to open roads.

Harry continued on when we stopped at the glacier and Marc and I turned down Highway 11 toward Rocky Mountain House. Highway 11 was extremely void of traffic giving us lots of opportunity to do what we like to do....DRIVE! :)

Once again, we stopped off along the way to take pictures, fuel up and eat.

Definitely plan on doing this again next year. Hopefully we'll get a few more people out.

A picture of me (yes the SLK makes me smile).

Myself, Linda, and my wife.

Dinner at the Sawridge

Harry giving a little tender lovin' Zaino care before leaving on Sunday. Yes, I wiped off the water droplets and polished up before I left too :)

On the Miette Hot Springs Road. Awesome winding road :)
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