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I just wanted to mention to everyone... not sure if you all are aware but there's a group called "EuroSunday" that meets on Sundays (surprise surprise). All cars (domestic or foreign) are welcome. There's an East Bay version of EuroSunday and a South Bay version. They usually meet around 8 a.m.

The East Bay one meets the 3rd Sunday of every month (see link below)
EuroSunday - East Bay (Oakland, CA) - Meetup

The South Bay version meets the 1st Sunday (I think - don't quote me on this one) of every month. They don't have a website. Steve & I have never been to this one - but they meet at a little cafe of Portola Valley Road off 280.

We have been to the East Bay version quite a few times.

There is another car meet every Saturday (informally promoted - but it has had a long history of meeting every year) in the South Bay at Santana Row. It's called "Santana Row Cars & Coffee." They used to meet in Santana Row but parking has been a problem lately and they informally moved the meet to across the street from Santana Row to the Century Theaters parking lot between Olin and Olsen drives off Winchester Ave. They start showing up after 9 a.m. and end up breaking up at around 12 noon or so (when the theaters start to open).

Club Auto Sport off Charcot Road close to First Street also hosts a cars and coffee event every month during the summer. They usually have a barbecue there.

All 3 of these car events have many different types of vehicles that show up. I've seen the following cars: Corvettes (C1, C3, C4, C5, C6), current Mustangs, Gen 5 Camaros, new Challengers, Lotus Elises, Lamborghini Gallardos, Ferrari (430s, 599s, 308s), I've seen 2 McLaren F1s, Audi R8, Porsche (Carerras, Turbos, 4S, GT2, GT3RS), Nissan GT-R, Aston Martin Vantage, Maserati Grand Turismo, BMW M3s, DiTomasino Panteras. Hadn't seen any Mercedes Benzes until I got my R172. I saw one of the SLKs from today's ride (6/16/2012 Nor Cal ride) at the Santana Row meet up albeit briefly. I think this month's Club Auto Sport meet had 2x SLK R171s show up (a burgundy one and a white one).

All this was just FYI.
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