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We realize we have different types of customers. Some want a moving light show, some want a piece to show off a favorite team or club, and some simply want a sturdy wind blocker/deflector/schott to handle backdraft as they cruise in their SLK with the top down. Well, we have all three covered!

WindRestrictor® is a fully customizable accessory that you can choose not to customize at all. Our mod will certainly insure your cabin gets less wind and is sturdily anchored with our fine bracketing system. An easy to install diy project, most can have it attached in about 90 minutes.

Remember, our product is always on special for forum members like yourself. Save 5% at all times with sales code, "Forum Member." Do you have any questions or concerns? Please, email me or PM through the site. My email is [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

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