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No accelerator response

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It has only happened a couple of times but dangerous ! I come to a stop at a light or stop sign and when I press on the accelerator nothing happens . A second or two later the engine speeds up and vehicle finally moves forward.
I look at the tack when this happens and it indicates the engine is still at idle .
Has anyone else experienced this condition ? I plan on taking it to the dealer , but just wanted to have an idea of the problem . Thanks
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Never happened to me.......I agree that you should take it to a dealer right away.......maybe have it towed, since what you describe could be dangerous.
Welcome from London, and from Baton Rouge as well! ;-)

I'm with Gregg, sounds both dangerous and something the dealer should look at. It's a fly by wire system, so in theory there should be stored faults.

The system also has redundant potentiometers in it, but I seem to remember it should throw a fault if the two disagree...
Agree with Gregg and John. Keep us posted if anything is found and remedied.
Vehicle is parked until dealer can check it. . Dealer appointment is next Thursday ! Will post results !
Good luck! I hope it's something simple(read inexpensive)!
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