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Heading east on MLK and see a topless 350z up ahead so of course I have to catch up to it and see what's cooking. 2 guys in it (probably hairdressers :D)
so I stay even and then goose it past them to the light. My top is up, light is long. I put my window down and with smile on I say, 'want to race'?
The driver says, "sure!"
I said to make it fairer, I'll transform into a convertible.
Yup, one touch the button (SmartTop) and top is down before the light even things of changing. His face says, 'crap, that guy is driving one of them thar supercars'.
I turn off the ESP. The light turns green (Of course I can see the opposing light turning red so I know when mine will be green) and that's all she wrote.
I'm such a bad boy!
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