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ne driver passing through Tucson, Arizona, had his car impaled by a giant cactus right through the windshield and lived to tell the tale. The driver was severely impaired, but that had nothing to do with the sheer luck at surviving such a freak accident.

Deputy Daniel Jelineo tells Fox 10 Phoenix that they responded to a call of a crash and were shocked by what they found at the scene. He believes the driver crossed several lanes with his Infiniti, before going through a median. It is here that the encounter with the cactus occurred.

While Jelineo says he’s seen this type of cactus causing serious damage to cars when they fall on them, this was a first for him. He calls the driver “lucky to be alive,” especially since the cactus went right through the windshield, missing him by inches.

Police consider the man the sole responsible for the crash. They also say he was taken to the hospital with minor scrapes and bruises, but the car took severe damage. The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI but, since charges haven’t been pressed yet, his name is being withheld.

Claudia Figueroa of Arizona Cactus Experts handles maintenance and removal of the saguaro cactus in the area. She says one such plant can weigh about 2 tons when mature, which, added to the speed the Infiniti was traveling at, makes for a very powerful impact.

“I saw the picture. That was so bad,” Figueroa adds. “I have never seen something like that before, but that can kill the person that was driving, and yea, they don't have to be too big to cause a lot of damage.”

PCSD: Saguaro busts through car windshield in Tucson crash; driver possibly impaired - Story | KSAZ
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