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Those of you with 412GW and similar Nextbase dashcams may well have noticed that recent firmware updates now mean that all videos recorded on the cams have a permanent yellow Nextbase logo on the upper left part of the screen. There is apparently no way to turn off the logo and no plans to remove this 'feature' in future firmware releases.

This annoyed me. I really don't want their logo on my footage. I want the footage for MY use for recording drives I enjoy. Imagine if Apple planted an Apple logo on every photograph you took on an iphone... :|

The tip I am sharing with you is that if you email the Nextbase UK support team and ask nicely, they will send out a version of the firmware without the logo present. The firmware isn't the latest release, but that's fine, as long as I do not have their logo on the recordings.

Off to try the firmware they sent now... >:D
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