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I'm a long-time SLK admirer and am wanting an R172. I'm firmly set on the AMG Line 250d (I'd prefer the zing of the 300 but fuel economy and lower car tax means the 250d pips it) and have a strong idea of what I want. I'm here to learn and seek advice.

Even better would be the option - eventually - to meet up with members and see things in 'real life' - from test driving to helping with a roof mod (because reading can only get you so far).

2017+ models (maybe 2016 if specced to the limit - but it cannot have the analogue clock)
Preferably in black or white - blue and dark grey distant 3rd and 4th choices
All 8 sensors (no blank or missing buttons) - ie: air scarf and parking sensors
<25k miles

Potential deal breakers:
Dual climate control
Folding door mirrors
Start/stop button
Harmon Kardon
Parking Assist
Reverse cameras (I can lose this factory option if cameras are easy and cheap to fit)
Collision Assist

Not sure if they matter at all (so your help is appreciated)
Full Garmin rather than pre-installation
Night Package
Individual Air Guides vs a centre mesh or plastic strip between the pillars
Electric seats
Magic Sky

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I will update profile with 'looking' for an slk

Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Florida!


mods you should do:

What is this SmartTOP all the members keep talking about?

Lube those seals:

Your brochure:
Mercedes Brochure Archive

Free Gift!: Post your vin in the Vehicle Datacard Request section to get a free datacard (options on your car).

FREE!! How to get a free datacard!

Thank you
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Welcome from Mersea Island, Essex, UK.
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Welcome to from Northern California👋 ☮ 🌊

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Welcome from Northamptonshire. Good luck with your search, may take a while to get everything you want. You will probably have to travel when you find it, but it will be worth it! :)

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

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Nothing up North for a while though.
Just missed Sheffield.

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Hi, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland. 😄

Good luck with your search (y)

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Welcome from Canada 😄 🇨🇦

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Welcome from Portland, Oregon. Enjoy the forum and the top down driving.

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
Good luck with your search!

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Hi from Florida and welcome to the forum!
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