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To boot, the man thought it would be a good idea if he parked said car in the parking lot of a local Walmart. Clearly, considering how things played out for him, this was anything but a good idea.

“Police in Massena have arrested a man after he was allegedly making meth in his car in the Walmart parking lot Wednesday night,” WWNYTV reports. “Police say Ryan Grimshaw allegedly had a ‘one-pot’ meth lab in his parked car.”

For the record, the “one-pot” method of cooking meth is considered cleanlier, in that it doesn’t leave as much evidence behind as the classical method: there is less trash, less residue and less toxic fumes / strong odor. It’s also called the “shake and bake” method and requires 2-liter soda containers, for which reason it can be carried out in smaller spaces, like the inside of a vehicle.

For police, the tell-tale signs remain the strong odor and the recipients discarded after cooking, which are stained brown. This method produces a smaller quantity of the drug but is more versatile in terms of where you can carry it out. It is also more dangerous because the risk of explosion is higher. If you’re into that kind of thing like personal safety.

Grimshaw was “charged with second-degree unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance,” the report adds. He is being held without bail.

His arrest was possible through a collaboration between the Massena village police, the state police Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team, Ogdensburg Police Department’s narcotics unit, the county’s drug task force and the Massena fire department.
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