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New Owner - Barn Gem.

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Howdy from Houston.

I've owned a GLK 350 in the past and did quite a bit of maintenance on it myself, I ended up selling it and getting my Wrangler Rubicon which i've lifted and done a bunch of other garage mods to. I love doing work myself, so I am so appreciative of this forum already.

Me and the wife were looking for a fuel efficient car to add to our garage (we're both 28) but wanted something fun. Been looking at civics, velosters, STI's etc. Well, the opportunity came up to get a really good deal on "a 2002 clk230", as the seller called it. Said it had been sitting in his airplane hangar for over 10 years. Again, REALLY good deal.

I wasn't thrilled about the model, but i could not pass up the deal and could pay cash for it.

Drive down there, go in the hangar and it's a 2004 SLK 320 Special Edition, silver, with 20,000 miles on it. Not a freaking scratch on the car. Told him it was a different car, he said "my mistake still need to get rid of it" sold it to me for a ridiculously low cash price.

Hell yeah I drove it away. The tires were cracking, so I put brand new Michelin pilot sports on it yesterday, and i've been stalking this forum because the BAS ESP light is on.

Got gummi fledge for the seals, new battery, put a new head unit in over the weekend (thanks to the write ups in this forum) and cleaned the whole car up. It looks like it could sit in the showroom. I'm so happy with it.

The freakin BAS ESP light is pissing me off. It only comes on after several minutes of driving. I'm not reading any codes (haven't got it STAR scanned yet) but i'm going to get it aligned first to see if that possibly makes the light go off. All the wheel speed sensors are clean, brake pads are good, brake wear indicators are good, so I'm thinking maybe its the alignment? It pulls just slightly, so we'll see what happens.

All in all, great little car. Super stoked with it. Surprised its as quick as it is!

Thanks for such a mature, good natured forum. Its a breath of fresh air after most of the Jeep forums I browse for my JKU!

Only mod I have planned for the moment is painting the grille black (possibly plastidip the whole thing, other than the emblem)

MAYBE drop the rear end an inch, but we'll see. Excited to participate in the forum!
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Hi, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland. :smile:
Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Valrico, Florida!

Here's your first mod

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Hi and welcome from the UK Midlands! :)

As Jeff has already suggested, SmartTop is a mod you really should do (once you've resolved the BAS ESP light issue)! :D
Welcome from Wirral, England.

Reckon Karma is at work. We've got the yin to your yang.

Not jealous at all. No sir, not at all!

Well done on getting a great buy.
Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
Welcome from Atlanta, GA!

What a fantastic find! Please post pics when you can, I would love to see it!
Welcome along.

Have a 320 myself and it's a fine car with plenty of power to boot. Haven't experienced the BAS/ESP myself, I have read in the past about how this can come on when you change the battery but given yours only illuminates after driving that is probably a red herring.
This bit made me laugh :

Me and the wife were looking for a fuel efficient car to add to our garage (we're both 28)

And bought a slk 320 :grin:
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Welcome to the forum from central Florida. Great story about your car. Would love to see pictures of it.

Welcome from Washington, DC.
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