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Mercedes has many, many updates and new models this year, and the GLC facelift could be among them. We have the latest spy video from Germany showing both the regular SUV and the "Coupe."

The two models hit the market roughly half a year apart, but the facelift should be applied at the same time so as not to leave one looking different from the other. You can see that the prototypes are sporting new bumpers, but our eye was once again caught by the headlights.

Even though technology has advanced a fair bit since Audi put xenons on the A8 about twenty years ago, headlights haven't precisely been reinvented. Currently, the GLC has an LED signature brow, exactly like the C-Class wagon you see. But for the facelift, it's getting completely encircled.

We're not sure what the aim of this exercise is since it doesn't match the new GLE, but at least the models will be more easily recognized. We find that the new ring has an uncanny resemblance to the one Ford uses for its big Transit vans.

Another GLC prototype has a line going down the middle, separating the unit into upper and lower portions. Ford has that too, on the new Focus, although some would argue they stole it from Volvo.

Of course, the changes brought about by this facelift will be more than just skin-deep. We are sure to get brand new engines, such as the 2-liter diesel replacing the 2.2-liter unit or even inline-6 configurations. From what we hear, even though the GLC 43 won't receive an upgrade to the "53" hybrid system, its current V6 will gain more power.

A new auto gearbox, a digital dashboard option, better infotainment and added safety systems would fill out the cabin of this luxury German 4x4.
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