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New Mercedes GLB will offer G-Class’ chunky styling in compact package, and will sit between the GLA and GLC

Mercedes will turn to one of its most iconic models for inspiration when it launches its all-new GLB 4x4 in 2019.

The GLB will sit between the GLA and GLC in the firm’s SUV line-up, but rather than looking like a scaled-up version of the brand’s current small SUV, it will become the baby sibling to the G-Class – or G-Wagen as it is still affectionately known.

The original 4x4 has been around since 1979 and has continued to perform well in the sales charts, despite its leisurely rate of development since arriving 37 years ago.

With entry-level G-Class models nudging almost £90,000, the new GLB will usher in a more accessible price point for those looking for a rugged and boxy SUV. Our exclusive images give you an idea how the showroom model could look when it arrives.

Auto Express understands it will draw heavily on the Ener-G Force concept that Mercedes rolled out at the LA Motor Show back in 2012. Visually, we can expect the design of the GLB to be a melting pot of old-school G-Class styling cues with modern-day GLC execution. A vertical grille and squared off panels will immediately identify it within Mercedes’ ever-growing SUV range. An off-road pack with chunkier bumpers for improved approach angles for serious off-roaders is also expected to be offered.

While the styling may hark back to the seventies G-Wagen, beneath the surface, the GLB will be bang up to date. The 4x4 looks set to use a version of Mercedes’ new MFA2 architecture that will underpin the new A-Class in 2018 and GLA in 2019. As well as being stronger and lighter than the existing platform, it will also be considerably more versatile. It’s set to be offered in both short and long-wheelbase forms, with the latter stretched by around 120mm and also coming with the option of seven seats.

The new platform means the GLB will be offered with the new modular diesel engine family which first appeared in the E-Class saloon. Mercedes has invested over €3billion in diesel engine technology and the brand’s new 2.0-litre unit, which is available in various states of tune, is set to feature in the new GLB.

Power should stretch from around 160-190bhp – the same range that will be offered in the next A-Class 4MATIC four-wheel drive will be offered, too, and will come in conjunction with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Front-wheel-drive versions will also be available, however. At the top end of the range will be a Mercedes-AMG GLB 45, powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo developing upwards of 400bhp. This will come with a seven-speed auto and four-wheel drive.

Before the GLB arrives, though, Mercedes will also thoroughly update the G-Class itself; the new version is due in late 2017. In terms of appearance, the 4x4 will remain largely unchanged, but mechanically, the off-roader will be redesigned from the ground up.

It’s likely to be around 100mm wider, which will not only allow for much improved passenger space but also, when paired with an improved chassis, help bring the driving dynamics and handling up to date.

The Mercedes G-Class – or G-Wagen as it was known up until 1998 – was initially jointly developed by Mercedes and an Austrian military vehicle manufacturer called Steyr-Daimler-Puch. It arrived on the market in 1979 and over the last 37 years, the G-Class has resolutely remained a boxy, rugged and utilitarian SUV.

But while its looks haven’t changed, the customer base has seen a dramatic shift. Before, it was hugely popular with military as it was designed to be, but today it is a celebrity accessory and status symbol, with a particularly strong fanbase in the Middle East.
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