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Hello everyone! I am happy to have finally made an account on here! My name is Nate. I am a graphic designer/photographer but have recently started to enjoy working with cars on the side.
I have a 1998 Mercedes SLK 230 in a grey color. It does have its fair share of problems, all of which I plan on fixing and have already started to do! I am not around much due to my job, but in my free time, I plan on working on this awesome car :grin:

My list of things in the interior I would like to fix:

-The Convertible not working (Going to check fuses and then see about replacing hydraulic pump)
-Central locking system does not work but flashing lights do when I lock and unlock the car (I think it needs a new pump)
-Replace radio (as current aftermarket radio does not work properly and sound output is not very good, I actually ordered another one, it's the Kenwood BT772hd, awesome radio with lots of specs for the price)
-Fix both front and rear trunk hydraulic lifts
-Cut out spots in the center console for dual usb sync/charge ports and an audio jack input port (I already have the parts coming for that!)
-Central cooling/heating does not work
-Fix lights in instrument cluster (I plan on replacing them with LED's to make it easier to see at night), I was thinking of trying to change the color of the instrument dash from orange to a cool white, but I am torn as I like the OEM ambient orange look but I think the white would look cool as well!)
-Replace bulbs in climate control controls
-Take off roof and fix missing headliner (I believe they have the same kind of vinyl material at Jo Anne Fabric?)

Exterior things I would like to fix:

-The headlights are very foggy, I plan on just replacing them with aftermarket headlights to make it a bit more modern
-Upgrade the rear lights to make them more modern as well
-Remove dents and dings within the car
-Fix the antenna (I already have one on the way)
-Get new SLK 230 emblem since the one on mine is missing
-Repair any sort of rust spots (mostly along the wheel trim)
-Upgrade grill to something a bit more modern
-Fix small side windows that go up with convertible as they do not work
-Give it a nice bath! (not sure how long it's been since it's been washed)
-Clean the engine

Majors things I would like to do with this car:
-Replace trim and update bumper, side skirts and rear bumper to something a bit more sporty (though, this car looks pretty awesome with stock parts)
-Upgrade the mirrors to ones that have turning signals on them
-Repaint the car in a glossy black color (this idea is still in the thinking stage, as I also like the grey color, but I've always liked the idea of a black colored Mercedes SLK 230 as well)
-Add SmartTOP functionality if possible. (Anyone know how to figure out if your remove is strictly an IR remote or if it has both RF and IR capabilities? My key fob only has two buttons, a lock and unlock button, I tested the unlock function from a good distance away and it seemed to of worked, but sometimes it needs to be close to the car to unlock)
-Get rear end realignment as the previous owner was in a minor accident

The engine actually works perfectly, just needs a couple of tune ups which I plan on doing with a bit of help, since I have not worked much around cars and I want this to be a learning experience for me and oh boy, it most certainly has! I really have enjoyed working with this car a lot so far

What have I started doing in this car so far?:
-Cleaned and Vacuumed the inside interior completely
- I have actually taken the entire interior apart, anything that had the easily scratch-able/flaking grey paint that Mercedes decided to use was taken out of the car. Over the course of a week or so, I have taken out the interior, scrubbed down every part of the interior inside of a large, rectangular bucket with warm water, soap and a sponge to get the old grey paint off (some Motsenbocker #5 was used as well in the mixture). I ordered some Color Bond (349 Mercedes anthracite) and yesterday, I managed to get all of the interior pieces (Drivers side dash, upper middle console, lower middle console, passenger side dash, glove box and other little pieces) painted and I have to say, the results are amazing! You could never tell that the interior was covered in that fake leather paint, the finish looks OEM and I am very pleased with the results! (I will definitely make a thread with the before and after, along with the results). I also am making a video for YouTube for each process I do, so be sure to check look out for videos on my channel! Same username as here).

I did post some pictures, but due to downscaling, they have sort of become a bit pixelated and I apologize for that.

Sorry if I posted too much for my introduction, but I can't thank you enough for reading and letting me be a member of such an awesome community! I have learned a lot about my car from all of the very awesome knowledgeable people here and I hope I can be around more often within the coming months. I hope you all have an awesome rest of your day! :smile:


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Hi Nate,

Welcome from Wirral, England.

We have a free to enter monthly competition.
Entry is normally open from the 1st to the 15th of every month. You simply post a reply with 3 photos.
After the 15th we usually open a poll for members to vote on their favourite.
Here's the main thread:
New members are welcome to enter (and they win too!).
March winner (an R170) joined Summer 2017 and had only 6 posts at the time of winning.
Newbies can win.

Entry is open for the 2018 May Ride of The Month.
PLEASE NOTE :- Entry closes on May 15th 4:00 pm edt.​

Really useful links (thanks to ixions cataloguing) Includes diy videos.
Spare parts:

A brief guide to the forum and how to get the best from it:

There's a link to R170/171/172's do it yourself threads under the pic below.
Sounds like you found them already.

Some useful tips in this section for new and prospective owners.

Worth knowing are reset adaptive learning, check list, Spring is here and what is the SmartTop.

You can find your region by scrolling down the page on this link

Don't worry about the size of the photos.
Clicking on them makes them larger.

Good luck with your project.

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Hi Nate, and welcome to from the UK Midlands - Thanks for joining us and posting an intro! :)
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