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I purchased a 2001 SLK230 for my wife in January of 2015 and we really love the car! I am happy that I was never able to find the BMW Z3 that I was looking for originally! The car is stored during the Canadian winters (November through April).

I am working to resolve a few issues with it at the moment, as I have always done my own mechanical work. When it is "perfect", I hope to install a hitch and with my wife, tow a motorcycle size tent-trailer across Canada and the United States, over the course of several summers.

As this is the first Mercedes I have owned, I may be forced to ask for some Mercedes "Benz type" advice in the future, and hope to assist others as well. I have attached a few photos of the car from January of 2015, before it went into hibernation for the winter.

As I was writing this, I got to day-dreaming and came up with a list of the other vehicles which I have owned over the course of my life. I have ignored the snowmobiles, street bikes, dirt bikes, and quads.

I hope to be a good community member.



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Hi Paul, and welcome to from the UK Midlands - Thanks for joining us and posting an intro! :)

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Welcome from Ontario Paul :grin:


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Welcome from Wirral, England.

Thanks for joining and posting an interesting intro.

Yet again we welcome a fellow biker.
Though trailering with an SLK is much rarer.

There's a handy R170 diy link in my signature below.
Been there, done that. Great cars.

Canada has regional threads for meets and local info:
Canada Region - Mercedes Benz SLK Forum

Two small tasks for you.
Feb 1st you can enter our free comp RoTM. You have a great looking car so share and maybe win a prize.
Newbies have won with an R170 last year.
Meanwhile you can vote for January. Make someone happy.
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Shiny the boot :tu:
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