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We drove my old AMG, the C32 up thru New York State and Vermont and New Hampshire, passing thru Laconia, and stopping for a few days in Kennebunkport, Maine. The fall colors in Vermont were stunning. We try to make this run every year but this year was special. I had arranged to trade off the C32 and take delivery of a 2006 SLK55 AMG with only 30k on the odo. This is my 3rd AMG and I was like a kid a Christmas. Picked up the car on Monday morning and spent the next two days touring around Maine and New Hampshire. I included a shot of the SLK made in Kennebunkport on the coast of Maine near the President Bush family compound. Beautiful place.

We left on Tuesday and traveled thru New Hampshire and Vermont staying at a nice B&B in Wilmington, VT. Met a fun loving couple (Chuck & Sally) from Los Angeles and enjoyed the evening with them and breakfast the next morning. Toured thru New York and Pennsylvania stopping in Gettysburg at another B&B. The next morning we visited the Civil War Battlefield before heading for home once more. Great trip, amazing food, fun people and glorious weather. Ran all day with the top down from Maine to Vermont one day and off and on other days. It could have been a wash out as the hurricane coming up the coast was aimed right at us before spinning east and out to sea. Lovely. The trip was a great way to get to know the SLK and the quirly GPS nav system. Functional but it is not a Garmin, lol.

Had a funny experience when we mistook an elderly lady for a halloween witch decoration on a streetside bench in Kennebunkport. The look she gave Jane when I had her shoot a photo as we drove by was spooky. She turned her head just as Jane took the shot and we both gasped in surprize and then busted out laughing for the next 5 miles. :surprise:

Open roadster touring is the best sun-roof in the world for sight seeing. And the SLK was a great car for the trip. I will admit that the luggage space is limited and the best way to travel in it is to pack one or two changes of clothing in a small bag and then go shopping every two days for more clothes and ship the dirty ones home via UPS :wink:



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