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While I love my SLK it is more of a local cruiser and not a real road car. For the last year or so my Jeep GC I bought as a tow car has also been my trip car. Works since a sometime GF has lots of luggage. Frankly it is wonderful for that purpose, DOHC 6, 5 speed, independent suspension and roll bars at both ends and 4 wheel disks. However it is both a blimpmobile and drives somewhat like a truck. Three hours is about my limit.

As it is my wont, I tend to drive very long distances with few stops. Jeep was good at that closing on 25 mpg at 70ish and 26 gallon tank meant I could go roundtrip from O-town to Boynton Beach without an 87 PON refuel (gas is usually about 20c/gal cheaper here).

So I was looking for a mid-sized coupe with a 3-4 liter DOHC V-6 (timing chain, had my fill of timing belt changes, DI, VVT) with a fold-down/passthrough rear seat (see GF luggage) and all the toys. I had several Grand Prixes in my yout but Pontiac is no more and did not care for the G6 retractable.

Started with CLKs but just were not really interesting, no rice burners and no Fords limited the field. Finally came across what is right for me, a Catera Touring Sedan Coupe. Price was right, under 50k miles, and always garaged. Has a real touchscreen and a digital speedo I can see. Essentially the same specs as my Jeep just 750 pounds less and a foot lower. 27 way adjustable memory seats. Dead silent at 70ish. And a roof vent.

Can tell the Germanic origins mainly in the gas filler on the passenger side. Buttons everywhere but mostly intelligible. Seems Cadillac is trying for the Pontiac market with a fast coupe. Not the 500 hp -V but 304hp, posi, 6-speed and a 7,000 rpm redline is plenty. That grille has got to go. Should be interesting.


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