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Thanks to the German SLK community I finally found a used AMG steering wheel with aluminium paddles for my pre-facelift R171 AMG, which is rare as hen's teeth.

Therefore, my 'old' steering wheel is up for grabs - in case anyone is looking to replace their existing identical steering wheel or use it as a basis for an installation of retrofit AMG paddles or Gpaddles.

Here are the details:
Note: Airbag not included.

- MB parts number A171 460 2203
- Very good condition given my car has been a garage queen with his previous owner (happy to send high res pictures via email if needed)
- Taken from a R171 55AMG built in early 2005 (i.e. pre-facelift model) with currently 20k mls on the clock

Happy to ship to pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Open to suggestions regarding price - I am aware that this is likely not the most sought after SLK steering wheel.

Anyone interested in the wheel please let me know and we'll figure sth out regarding price and shipping.:wink:


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In no particular order

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