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that is...I need a wiring harness that will work for my 2006 SLK350 with Harmon Kardon system and Command.

Anyway - I bought a used dnx6160 that has a harness, but I would have to connect all the wires to the correct wires at the other end as the wires are cut between the two endpoints. It came out of an Altima, so one end of the harness is probably wrong anyway. I simply have no clue how to wire everything without a pre-wired harness to BOTH ends. I'd love to just buy a wiring harness to connect everything.

I plan to get a backup camera too. I have the SWI for steering controls, but some of the wires are cut too, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to use that either. I have the other stuff like GPS antenna, Ipod connector, USB connector - and those look okay to me.

If you have any ideas as to where to find the exact wiring harness that I need, please help. I've done numerous searches, and I think I'm getting more confused as I go.

TIA for any ideas you can provide.

Edit: BTW - I submitted a request to support to see if they have anything like this.

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Not quite as straight forward as that...

I'm assuming the Kenwood has ISO connectors (tried to check a manual but the site I was using was unavailable...) - that's pretty straight forward.

As you have the HK system, the speakers are driven by an amplifier located in the front electronics bay (under the passengers feet), and the speakers have no external filtering / crossover network

As you can't connect the Kenwood to the HK amp (it's a fibre connection), you'll need to do a couple of things..

Get a lead (from somewhere like Command Online, or Frank at Cabldaviko) that goes from the Kenwood's ISO connector to the connector that the HK amp plugs into

Fit chokes / capacitors to the speakers and re-wire them so the correct drivers are fed by the correct channels of your head unit ( like the wiring would be if you had an Audio 20 instead of Command) OR by external active crossovers and enough channels of amplification to drive the 11 HK speakers (I believe thay are driven by 8 channels of amplification) - neither of these is trivial, made slightly more awkward due to the low impedance drivers used in the HK setup - you need to ensure that your headunit and any amps are happy with a 2 ohm load

You'll also need adapters for power, ground and CANBUS (for the steering wheel controls), antenna power etc etc

The good news is all of these can be got from the connector into the Audio Gateway (HK AMP) - you'll need to do some work to a harness or adapter if you can get one depending on how you plan to drive the speakers - the wiring diagrams detail which wire goes where and what colours they are....

You ma also be able to use the stock microphones - you'll probably be better off using your own GPS puck and mounting it either under the centre airvent or in the stock location behind the rear view mirror (search the forum for info about this)

It's all do-able, a bit fiddly but you should be able to get good results with the right amplification...


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Holy smoke. I thought this might be more plug-n-play, but that just went so far over my limited knowledge about electronics, that I am totally bewildered as to how to connect all of this stuff.

Looks like I'll be selling this on Ebay. No way can I possibly learn all of that stuff in my lifetime.

Thanks - I'll probably stop by an electronics store where they install stuff like this and see if any of this is even possible within a reasonable price. I don't want to put a 1000 bucks into this project.

And I checked on all of those adapters. I couldn't find one for 2006 models that matches what I had in mind.

Thanks again for all of that info. Too bad I can't understand all of that stuff.
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