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I've scoured this forum and the internet, looking for options but can't seem to find much information. What I have found, and discarded at this time:

- SLK 55 Mufflers. This would be fairly pricy but not totally out in left field. But would also include the need to modify the stock diffuser or buying a new one for the quad tip configuration.
- Found a couple of very nice and very expensive cat back systems, but they all look to be from "across the pond". More than I would like to spend.
- I have seen that some have removed "cats". This is not on my radar as an option. First, there is a need. Secondly, this usually produces a pretty harsh and raspy tone.
- I did see some mufflers on E-Bay, that claim to be a fit, but, at the price, you probably get what you pay for.

So, a couple of questions:

- Has anyone found a suitable "plug and play" set of mufflers from a reputable Mfg such as Borla, or Corsa?
- Modified the stock mufflers?

Definitely not wanting a tone to "wake the dead", just looking for more than silence
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