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I would certainly get the roof tested to make sure it is leak free. Use a pipe and shower head to sprinkle water from the top glass panel downwards for around 10 minutes and then check for any leaks inside the car. Take a test drive afterwards as some leaks will leave water in the internal section of the roof and that will come out when the car is being driven. Don't just hose the roof down as the seals are designed to keep out rainwater and not high pressure from a hose pipe! If it leaks then you can get the price down to allow for repair.
Is the car petrol or diesel? Might be different things to look out for depending on fuel type. Good luck!

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If it has FSH, a proper catelogied one, the miles wouldn鈥檛 put me off if the price is right

Budget c拢750 for roof repair to reseal if it is faulty.

note that the latest official maps for the car are 2018/19. About 拢150 to update to that version

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You do not mention the year?
R172, so 2011/12 onwards?

The one things SLKs hate is sitting in a corner.
So mileage is not a major concern. Nice to have MB FSH, or MB Indy FSH, but condition & price are key.

Check roof thoroughly.
Some delamination on certain types of roof, but I suspect this car would have shown it by now.

R171s in UK show some rust issues on rear subframe. With that mileage and being UK I'd say well worth inspecting anything exposed to road salt as it is probably a year round car.

I'd say it's worth getting someone to run an MB diagnostic, just to see if any codes before buying.

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Do make sure the top goes up and down OK. These roofs are very expensive to repair if the hydraulic mechanism fails or leaks. That was one of the tests I made on the test drive. Mind you, my car had only done about 30k miles.
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