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Only had my 2010 SLK200 a week now but I'm missing a few toys. I knew that they werent fitted when I bought it and I thought I could live without them but now I'm not so sure.

1. DAB - sorted as I had a receiver unit in my previous car so that was an easy move to the SLK. Uses a magnetic ariel which I positioned just by the filler cap. Cable then runs into boot, through to cabin via a small hole behind the seat belt and into the passenger footwell. The receiver sits in the small mesh storage thing and powers from the 12v socket. It then broadcasts on a local FM frequency that I tune the radio to. Voila! DAB radio and Planet Rock Radio all the way!

2. Reversing sensor.

3. Folding wing mirrors

4. Airscarf - after the first time driving with the top down I realised that I really do want this!!

5. Wind diffusor. Have seen some posts on here for these but they seem so expensive for what they are.

So looking for suggestions on 2 - 4. I have seen a few posts on the reversing sensors but couldnt find anything for folding mirrors so dont even know if they are availble for a R171 2010 SLK 200? Is Airscarf a retrofit option?


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